it’s magic
BI 어플리케이션

it’s magic
BI application


SK magic
ahn graphics

edge system,
graphic, signage, F&B,

design. 2mm, textor
contents plan.
photo. gwayong lee
print. garam art

SK매직 브랜드숍 <it’s magic>의 어플리케이션은
magical edge 라는 컨셉으로, 에지 형태의 선이 모여 하나의 공간으로 시각화하고, 크기가 확장되고 축소되며 열리고 닫히는 변화의 힘을 어플리케이션으로 표현.
The application of SK magic brand shop <it's magic> is called magical edge. magical edge are gathered together and visualized into one space, and the power of change in which the size of the edges is expanded, reduced, and opened and closed is expressed by an application.
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